Who am I :

My name is Anna KUNECKA and I have 7 years of experience in International Import-Export.
With a Master in Business Administration, I have acquired my experience:

  • in three different countries such as: Switzerland, France and Poland;
  • in different types of companies such as: a start-up, SMEs and multi-national companies;
  • in industries such as: drones, industrial inks, furniture, factory's spare parts and products' handling; pharmaceutical industry;
  • in the raw materials sector such as: spices or rubber;

My mission is: 
  • to carry out customs formalities for import and export in Switzerland, France and Poland; 
  • to anticipate and resolve shipping problems related to import and export; 
  • to save companies time to the compagnies by simplifying their procedures and the quality of work; 
  • to respect the deadlines;